God loves Punk Rock Shows

All Tribes & Cultures Will Worship With One Tongue

Mars Hill Church Downtown Seattle Campus, Thursday, October 28th, 2010

What does Mark Driscoll’s culturally liberal stance mean in practice? He loves punk-rock music and encourages his church to listen to all types of music. Here is the description of a cultural worship evening at the Mars Hill Downtown Campus:

“In Revelation chapter 7, there is a scene when all nations, tribes and cultures gather to worship Jesus with one tongue. I am always reminded that in Heaven, no one is excluded in worshipping our God who owns salvation and the Lamb who was slain for our sins.

A few weeks ago, I witnessed various cultures, peoples, age groups and even natural to unnatural hair colors gathering to enjoy the mutual love of music. The three artists that were showcased: Insomniac Folklore and Destroy Nate Allen from Portland and Jeff Suffering from Seattle set the tone for the evening. The crowd was diverse, ranging from Jeff Suffering’s two little girls to newly married couples; punk rock fans to a pastor of a Baptist church. I don’t know how many people actually liked punk rock or folk but everyone sang along to the folk song, clapped their hands to the Destroy Nate Allen circle celebrations and sat quietly to hear the howling, whaling and screams of Jeff Suffering. It was a celebration that left no one without clapping hands, stomping feet or singing along.

I believe that our great God and King redeems people from various walks of life to proclaim that He is the King, Lord and Savior to all men. This night was a blessing because each of the performers are redemptive agents and leaders of worship to Jesus. God only knows who attended the show. Some may not have known Him but might come to know Him because of Christ’s ambassadors from the Punk Rock sub-culture. Truly, Jesus is King of kings, Lord of lords and He has come to redeem men from all cultures to worship Him.”

Contributed by Maurice Morales, Intern at Mars Hill Church Downtown.

Hyperlinks are provided to the three bands. To fully grasp the worldliness of this event go to the website of these three bands. The god worshipped at this event is not the Holy God of Scripture.

 Destroy Nate Allen http://destroynateallen.wordpress.com/

Posted on February 9, 2011 by Destroy Nate Allen

“I attended Tomfest in 1998. The event forever changed my life. For the first time I was exposed to all sorts of punk-rock. On the last day, I watched Jeff Suffering and Ninety Pound Wuss roll on the floor and bleed all over everything. I was blown away. Jeff was and still is the best front man I’ve ever seen. On Feb. 19th, Jeff is playing an acoustic set at our house! If you would of told me this is 1998, I would of asked you what a house show was and called you a liar! I’m nicer now. I think you should do yourself a favor and come hang out at our house!”

“Now I break 3 to 6 strings a night, bleed everywhere, and I have to wear ankle braces and knee pads to not compile life long injuries.  Also I don’t think Tessa would be in my band if I hadn’t gone on tour alone in 2007.”

By Jason P. Woodbury Thursday, Dec 16 2010

“Allen, who plays under the nom de punk Destroy Nate Allen, played a solitary acoustic guitar and sang songs about social justice and existentialist Christianity — his message landing somewhere between the work of disparate theologians Kierkegaard and Mike Ness — before a house full of back-patched anarcho-punks and a curious mix of indie kids. Allen doesn’t play by himself anymore. He’s joined by his wife, Tessa, and the two perform as a “punk-rock I Love Lucy,””

Insomniac Folklore http://www.myspace.com/insomniacfolklore

“The music and personality of Tyler Hentschel’s Insomniac Folklore is difficult to surmise. The sounds, shapes and ideas that his art is based on are diverse and deep, serious and funny all at the same time.

This week I interviewed a unique band known as Insomniac Folklore. The band is known for the combination of front man Tyler Hentschel’s unique vocal presentation, including liberal doses of scream-ish vocals, and a mostly acoustic based folk hybrid musical style. I’ve had the privilege of seeing one live Insomniac Folklore show, and it included growling, scruffy beards, acoustic guitars, and more random instruments than I could possibly recall. The set was weird, but brilliantly so.

Brax: What’s the most unusual thing about your band?

Insomniac Folklore: “Other than playing folk-rock, punk, hip hop & death metal all in the same set some nights, having band members whose ages range anywhere from 12 to 40 years old, and using fake blood, fog machines and disco lights at shows, there is nothing unusual about our band!”

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